Gyoza (Beef or Vege)                     $13.95  Pan fried Japanese style homemade dumpling


Agedashi Tofu                                  $9.95

Deep fried tofu with Kushi homemade

soy sauce


Butterfly Prawn                              $16.50

Stir-fried prawns with kushi homemade


Grilled Brocollini                            $12.50

Brocollini with wafu goma dressing


Takoyaki 5pcs                                 $11.95

Octopus balls


Takowasabi                                       $8.95

Marinaded octopus in wasabi


Lobster Ae                                       $10.95

Crayfish salad


Edamame                                          $6.95

Boiled soybeans


Salmon Tataki                                 $21.90

Seared salmon with Jalapino dressing


Beef Tataki                                      $17.95

Seared beef & Fried shallot with soy dressing


Tuna Tataki                                     $20.95

Seared Tuna Miso seaweed dressing


Spicy Tuna Sashimi                       $19.50

Homemade spicy chilli mayo sauce


Vegetable Pickles                           $4.95

Cucumber,Daikon and cabage





Cheese Kushi Age                         $10.95

Deep fried breadcrumb camembert cheese

with tonkatsu sauce


Prawn Kushi Age                           $9.95

Deep fried breadcrumb prawns with tartar &

sweet chilli sauce


Scallop Kushi Age                         $9.95

Deep fried breadcrumb scallop with tartar

& sweet chilli sauce


Chicken  Nanban                         $26.90

Deep fried chicken with Fresh Cucumber, 

Jalapino and Ponz sauce


Spicy Chicken                                $28.95

Stir-fried chicken with homemade

spicy sauce


Pineapple Chicken                       $24.50

Pineapple and deep fried chicken with

sweet & sour sauce


Tofu Veges                                    $25.50

Deep fry-tofu and seasonal vegetables

with homemade soy sauce


Karaage Chicken                          $23.90

Kushi style crunch chicken stick


Porkbelly Kakuni                          $26.90

Slow cooked pork belly in Kushi homemade

soy sauce with Ginger and Garlic


Yaki - Nasu                                    $27.50

Grilled eggplant filled mashed kumara

with sesame dressing



Teriyaki Chicken                            $30.95

Teriyaki chicken with vegetables


Salmon Steak                                $29.50

Yuzu kosho pumkin puree,shichimi panko

and grilled brocollini 


Scotch Fillet Steak                        $36.90

(Rare / Med rare / Med / Well-done)         Scotch fillet steak & kumara,

grilled whole garlic, onion and eggplant


Teriyaki Pork Rib                            $31.90

Grilled pork Rib with deepfried garlic and daikon


Miso Marinated Lamb Rack         $34.95

Cauliflower puree and Jalapino dressing

with micro coriander pickled daikon and

crispy Garlic


Additional Side dish:

Steamed Rice $2.95 /  Miso soup $2.95



SASHIMI Small                                $28.95   SASHIMI Medium                              $45.95   SASHIMI  Large                                $72.95 

SASHIMI 12p + NIGIRI SUSHI5p      $47.95     



Avocado                                           $5.90

Fish of the day                                $6.70

Scallop                                             $7.80

Grilled Eel Unagi                            $8.40

Cooked prawn                                $6.40

Tuna                                                 $7.80

Salmon                                            $8.20

Sweet shrimp                                 $7.20






Vegetable Tempura                       $20.95

Black Tiger Prawn Tempura         $28.95

Crispy soft shell Crab Tempura   $23.95

Combination  Tempura                $35.95

(vege and prawn)                                                                  

Crispy Squid Tempura                  $15.90


[ Kushi Roll Sushi  8pcs ]

Fresh Seasonal Vege Roll                      $18.50

Fresh spicy  Tuna Roll                            $22.95

Teriyaki Chicken Roll                              $21.95

Crunch Prawn Roll                                 $24.90

Fresh Salmon Roll                                  $22.50

Rainbow Roll                                           $23.50

Food Allergy Notice

Green Salad With Goma Dressing    $16.95

Mesclun salad, avocado with sesame dressing


Karaage Chicken Salad                $20.50

Deep fried chicken & veges with Kushi

homemade mayo sauce


Tender Beef Salad                        $21.50

Marinated beef & veges with Kushi special

soy sauce


Fresh Salmon Salad                     $22.50

Fresh raw salmon and mesclun salad

with kizame & wasabi tartare


Seaweed Salad                               $14.50

Japanese seaweed & mesclun salad

with Kushi homemade soy sauce


HOT POT(Spicy or Non-spicy)

Kushi Shabu- Shabu                   $38.95

Sliced beef & veges, noodles are served

dipping sauces


Gyoza Nabe                                  $36.95

Handmade dumpling with veges hot pot


Dinner Set comes with Tempura, 4pcs Sashimi, Nigiri, 

Rolled sushi, Salad, Seasonal Fruits, Steamed Rice, Miso soup.

Teriyaki Salmon Set                     $43.95

Teriyaki Chicken Set                    $41.95

Scotch Fillet Set                           $44.95

Unagi Set                                      $42.95

Vegetarian Set                             $40.95



Panna Cotta                                    $10.95

Panna cotta with Rasberry granita


Matcha  Ice Cream                         $8.90

Green tea  ice cream with Japanese waffle


Kurogoma Ice Cream                         $8.90

Black sesame ice cream with Japanese waffle

Banana Tempura With Ice Cream    $11.95

Banana Spring Roll with miso vanilla ice cream

If you have any food allergies or

special dietary requirements,

please inform a staff member

before placing order.

However please be aware of the risks

If you are highly allergic to certain 

ingredients as we can not 100%

guarantee your safety.