Japanese Drumming


Performance Time : 7:30 pm
Every Fridays (once a week) 
Performance Length : 4min 20sec

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Part 1 : 2min 20sec
4 or 5 Drummers will perform.
It starts with a slow tempo, changing dramatically 
to a fast beat.
Part 2 : 2min
Each Drummer uses two drums during this performance.



We promise our performance will be a great experience for you and your group.  At the end of the performance, your cheering and support will be greatly appreciated. 

However, we are concerned for some customers who may find the performance a little loud. If you prefer a different table further away from the performance, please let one of our staff know about it. 

We hope you enjoy your time here at KUSHI.  Thank you very much.